The use of the useless,installation, 2018

The name of the work is originated from a traditional story of Chinese Taoist philosophy. A carpenter and his apprentice see a big tree they have never seen before. The shade is large enough to cover hundreds of cows, and the branches can be used for dozens of boats. The carpenter leaves without a look, so his apprentice feels so confused and asks, “It’s such a great tree. Why do not even take a look?” The carpenter replied, “It’s useless at all for me. The boat out of it sinks, the coffin out of it gets rotten soon, and the utensil out of it goes damaged soon. So it is useless.” The apprentice agrees, “That’s why the tree has not been cut down like others and grows so big. It's useless saves it.”


In this work, I use a way of treating people to treat barren land, felled trees, and broken land. I want to prove this "useless" in a very absurd way. What I want to say is that we all try some methods to save what we value, even if it doesn't work. Actually, That just want to get psychological comfort.