Who will provide it?

Who will provide?


Key words:Space, Invigilating, Tradeoff

“Who will provide it?” was held at The Crypt Gallery from October 31st to November 4th, 2018, in a unique setting to showcase different works from a diverse group of artists. The Crypt Gallery is located below the iconic St. Pancras Church, a basement gallery with a very special venue. Before the exhibition we had a consensus to stick to its origin.


We have been to this gallery last year and it gives me a feeling different from other galleries. First of all, this is a historic basement gallery with a dark and humid atmosphere.


Looking around the space, the space here is varied and interesting, some are narrow walkways, and some are arched caves. After understanding the space of the museum, I decided to rely on this dark and special environment to try to do works related to lighting.


I made a fluorescent work according to the environment, and my work was assigned to a corner, which disrupted my original plan. According to my original plan, my syringe was hung on the wall, and there was a shadow appearing through the black light. Due to the limitations of the place I was assigned to, the work could not be hung on the wall, I had to reconsider the ways of presenting.

Finally, I temporarily decided to sprinkle some sand and earth on the ground, so that it seems that the work and space will not be too abrupt.

But I will think about whether my work is successful recently. My answer is no. Now it seems that I have paid too much attention to the effect of the exhibition and neglected the concept of the work, which seems to put the cart before the  horse.

It is undeniable that this is also an experience, and I can learn from this. My job is invigilating. Before the exhibition, I need to turn on all the lights on the arrangement. I will start some installations with lighting and electrical settings as required to ensure normal operation.